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Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

$10K pledged to private schools on Virgin Gorda

$10K pledged to private schools on Virgin Gorda

Highlighting a disparity in the attention given to private schools versus public ones, Ninth District Representative Vincent Wheatley has pledged funding to the private educational facilities in his constituency.
Speaking at the commencement ceremony for the construction of two buildings at the Bregado Flax Educational Centre (Secondary Division) on Tuesday, May 26, Wheatley said the decision to pledge was the result of an online meeting held with students across his district on Sunday.

“We often focus a lot on the public school system like we are here now at Bregado Flax. But one of the things that came out of that online conference, too, was the needs of the private schools,” Wheatley said.

“So, today (May 26), I am going to pledge a scholarship programme to the four private schools on Virgin Gorda. My colleagues - all the At-Large members - and I have agreed to make an initial [school tuition] pledge of $10,000,” he announced.

The educational facilities that will benefit are the Sunshine Daycare & Preschool, the Ciboney Centre for Excellence, the Valley Day School, and the Little Rainbow School.

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