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Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023

21-Year-Old US Man Escapes Prison 4 Months Before Release, Jailed Again For 40 Years

21-Year-Old US Man Escapes Prison 4 Months Before Release, Jailed Again For 40 Years

A 21-year-old Mississippi black man, originally slated for release in December 2022, has been sentenced to an additional 40 years (!) in prison for attempting to escape just four months prior to his freedom. Shunekndrick Huffman had been serving a seven-year sentence for aggravated assault at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility when he made his ill-fated escape attempt in August 2022.
According to reports, Huffman broke into a nearby home, held three individuals hostage at gunpoint for several hours, and then absconded with one of the hostage's vehicles. Authorities later discovered him hiding in a rubbish bin at the Mississippi State Hospital, located approximately two miles from the prison.

Despite the short time left in his sentence, Huffman pleaded guilty to two counts of kidnapping and was handed a 40-year sentence by a circuit court judge. This implies he may not taste freedom until he's into his sixties.

In response to this incident, Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner, Burl Cain, has committed to enhancing the siren system of the correctional facility to prevent future escape attempts.

Brad 56 days ago
This young man was either lied too or something is not right about this situation.

* Nobody escape from prison with 4 months left unless the security gaurds were screwing with this young man.

The government frames people all day long and the courts lie about cases and the facts to make everything people do as a crime.

The government goal is to make everything a felony crime to disarm the population.

Unfortunately for the government God says you all will be exposed for your financial crimes against humanity.

Babylon get out of her.
Morris Givner 59 days ago
This is criminal action by the State of Mississippi and the world should boycott all products and tourism from this State until it withdraws all charges against this man and awards this man with a substantial sum of money to make amends for the suffering the State of Mississippi inflicted on him without cause.
Oh ya 61 days ago
Research world IQ tests and this will solve the puzzle


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