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Sunday, Oct 25, 2020

23 special waste bins to placed across BVI to collect 'white waste'

23 special waste bins to placed across BVI to collect 'white waste'

The Ministry of Health is planning to place 23 special waste bins across the British Virgin Islands to collect what it described as ‘white waste’ materials.
This was revealed by Health Minister Carvin Malone who told BVI News the initiative is part of their ultimate goal to rid the territory of all derelict and metal materials by the end of 2019.

“We’re going to have a marketing campaign as to exactly where they will be located. We are trying to get the logistics of it, so we are working with Town & Country Planning to place them in convenient locations and we will inform the public exactly where they are so they’ll know,” Minister Malone stated.

He further expressed confidence in the initiative, stating that it was once successfully conducted under the previous NDP administration.

“The 23 bins of which we speak is because the ministry did a programme back in 2018 where they placed 33 bins throughout Tortola, so that people with bulk waste, whether it is white – stuff like refrigerators, stoves and washing machines or anything metal – can be placed in these receptacles,” Minister Malone explained.

Malone said once the white waste has been collected, the ministry’s focus will shift to only household waste.

“Once we’re done with the metal side of it, then we are looking in terms of how do we return these bins so that if we have additional remaining construction materials with the lumber or mattresses or different things that people might have to throw out, we can then get those out of the way.”

All waste material will be collected and stored at the site on Pockwood Pond before being loaded on a 5,000-ton barge which will transport the metals and derelicts out of the territory.

Government has until December 31 to completely rid the territory of these waste materials. Its lease at the Pockwood Pond waste site will expire on that date.

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