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Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020

3.47 Earthquake Felt

3.47 Earthquake Felt

Around 2.52 am this morning, 30th January, the Puerto Rico Seismic Network, recorded an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 3.47 in the BVI.
The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) stated that, the epicenter was located at latitude 18.78 North, 64.58 West or 27.1 Km West Northwest of Anegada, BVI at a depth of 29 km.

DDM reminded that during an earthquake it is important to stay calm, if you are inside stay there, move away from ceiling fans, glass windows and doors or anything that may fall. Get under a desk or sturdy piece of furniture cover your head and hold on. If outdoors, move into an open area away from trees, building, or utility wires and poles.

During an earthquake the more you move the more likely you are to be hurt, so refrain from entering or exiting a building at the time of the impact.

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