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Saturday, Jun 19, 2021

$3.9M to be equally shared among district reps as 'quick response' for needy residents

$3.9M to be equally shared among district reps as 'quick response' for needy residents

Premier and Minister of Finance Andrew Fahie has allocated $3.9 million to share equally among all elected representatives to assist needy residents impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
This was one of the initiatives under the second phase of his administration’s $62.9 million economic response plan.

“These funds can be accessed by contacting all nine District Representatives or the four At-Large Representatives who will now be assigned a special COVID-19 allocation of $300,000 per district, per representative, in addition to their regular assistance grants, commonly called the District Fund. This will allow each elected member to respond to needy cases, directly and swiftly,” Fahie stated.

“This allocation has been divided equally. No member is advantaged, and none are disadvantaged. All are enabled to help you the people, especially when it comes to some of the simpler, less complicated issues,” he added.

The Premier said this assistance comes in addition to other help that persons would be able to qualify for and access. To qualify, however, residents must provide proof that they are genuinely in need.

He also said the funds will be audited monthly by the internal auditor to ensure that “transparency and accountability still apply to these special funds.”

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