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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

$300K found @ Port Purcell allegedly came on vessel from Anguilla

$300K found @ Port Purcell allegedly came on vessel from Anguilla

Our newsroom has been informed by sources close to the investigation that the some $300,000 cash discovered at the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) wharf at Port Purcell on February 4, 2021, allegedly arrived in the territory on a vessel from Anguilla.
The name of the vessel has been given as ‘Karma’.

Our newsroom was told today, February 8, 2021, that the cash was discovered by officers of Her Majesty’s Customs and that it was found stashed in a barrel which contained a quantity of dry goods.

Among the goods were reportedly some buckets and a brown envelope containing the cash.

Virgin Islands News Online understands that that law enforcement officers are still trying to track the person to whom the barrel was shipped to.

The captain of the vessel was reportedly held but subsequently released.

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