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Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

56 youths gain skills in local scuba diving

56 youths gain skills in local scuba diving

Some 56 youths in the Virgin Islands have completed a successful local educational and enrichment program on scuba diving and the wonders of the underwater world, thanks to the Bitter End Yacht Club and the Bitter End Foundation.

The Summer Programme working in collaboration with Unite BVI and Sunchaser Scuba was executed while observing cautionary programmatic modifications in light of current concerns around COVID-19.

Youths introduced to the joys of diving

Commencing on July 21, and carrying on through the summer, the 56 youth from local communities—45 from Virgin Gorda, 7 from Anegada, and 6 from Tortola—took part in an ambitious Summer Scuba Diving instructional program led by a Bitter End Yacht Club-based Sunchaser Scuba.

Of those participants, 32 took part in the PADI “Discover Scuba Diving” segment, while 24 took on the PADI “Open Water” dive curriculum.

“The goal of the program was to introduce local youth to the joys of scuba diving and watersports while educating them on the value of marine life to the territory. And, to present them with skills needed for future opportunities in the local watersports and scuba diving economy,” a release from the Bitter End Yacht Club Stated.

“We feel it is a great opportunity to show the community how amazing diving is,” said Kay Van Leuven from Sunchaser Scuba.

Underwater ecosystem explored

“Our students can share their knowledge about the underwater world and the experience itself with the community. Our goal was to show them the incredible world down there and the immense need to protect this natural resource,” she added.

Ms Lauren Hokin, a founding family member of Bitter End Yacht Club said the financial and logistical support as well of the knowledge of the organizing teams allowed the youths to have an opportunity to see and experience firsthand the ‘awesomeness’ of one of the BVI’s greatest assets, its vast and diverse underwater ecosystems.

“This was an eye-opening and inspiring experience for many of the participants and it’s our hope that opportunities like this can have a long-term impact on these children's lives."


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