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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

6 things flight attendants want to tell you but can’t

6 things flight attendants want to tell you but can’t

These airline staff share some secrets that will make their lives easier, which in turn means a smoother journey for you.

Flying can be stressful, and travellers sometimes let their frustrations get in the way of being polite to flight staff and other passengers.

Six flight attendants who work for five airlines in the US revealed what they wish they could tell passengers but, for professional reasons, can’t. Each flight attendant requested anonymity for fear of getting in trouble with their employer.

These are the six things flight attendants want to tell you but can't.

1. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself

“We want to take off on time too. We’re all going to the same place. We’re all leaving at the same time. I think people tend to be overly rushed,” a flight attendant for United Airlines said. “A little patience and a little kindness goes a long way.”

2. Don’t walk in the aisle without shoes

“I think people don’t realise how dirty the planes are,” said a flight attendant for PSA Airlines.

He said that while flight attendants pick up trash between flights, the planes receive a thorough cleaning once a day.

3. A little understanding helps

“Cut us some slack,” a United flight attendant said. “Be compassionate, because we’re trying to be compassionate toward you.”

4. Psychic powers are not in the job description

“We’re not mind-readers,” a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines said.

“We may not necessarily know how to serve that individual person, nor can we tailor our service to every individual person, and I think sometimes people forget that.”

5. Take responsibility for your scheduling decisions.

“I just wish I could tell passengers, ‘Be more responsible for yourself’,” a flight attendant for American Airlines said.

“Take accountability for your actions. You booked this flight this way. You’re giving yourself 20 minutes to get to your other flight. Be more responsible.”

6. They know as much as you do when it comes to landing

“Don’t ask me if the plane’s going to be late because of the delay, because I don’t know,” said a flight attendant for Piedmont Airlines.


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