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Friday, Nov 27, 2020

70 Public Officers honoured for years of service

Seventy Public Officers were recognised for their years of service at a Retirees Dinner held in their honour on November 2, 2019.

The dinner also brought activities to officially close Public Service Week 2019.

His Excellency the Governor, Augustus J.U. Jaspert addressed the retirees and stated that throughout the history of the public service, each generation of employees has passed on a wealth of knowledge and achievements to those who succeeded them. He added that another generation will pass the torch and the progress made hereafter will be in part a testament to our retirees’ legacy of service.

Minister for Health and Social Development, Honourable Carvin Malone (AL) delivered remarks on behalf of Premier, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie (R1) and thanked the public officers for their dedicated service to the territory.

Honourable Malone said, “Your time was well invested and is greatly appreciated by the Government of the Virgin Islands, your peers, and the public you have served. You have made your mark while you contributed to the development of this territory through your exemplary work. It is because of your sacrifice, dedication, love, and commitment to your duties that the Public Service lives on.”

Hononourable Malone also encouraged the retirees to continue to make contributions towards the development of the public service.

He said, “…I want you also to remember to stretch your hands back and give ideas on how we can continue to develop, strengthen and transform the Public Service so that it is sustainable for generations to come.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Governor, Mr David D. Archer Jr encouraged the retirees to reflect on their years of service and the positive impact they have made on the territory’s development.

“Today, we bid farewell to 70 persons who have provided service to the people of this Territory, some for 25 years and more. I ask you to take a moment to pause and reflect on your years of dedication, your contributions to the Public Service, the Government and the British Virgin Islands. Take this opportunity to consider the positive impact and contributions you have made to the benefit of this territory.”

Acting Deputy Director of Human Resources Department, Ms Kaisa Penn delivered remarks on behalf of Director, Mrs Michelle Donovan-Stevens. She said, “I am certain that the organisation and individuals in your former ministries and departments have benefited from your ideas and unwritten lessons of self-determination and professional stewardship.”

Ms Penn told the retirees that to have achieved this significant milestone would have required courageous dedication and diligence, for which the Government is grateful for the contributions, leadership and support throughout their careers.

The 2019 Retirees Dinner was hosted by His Excellency the Governor, Augustus J.U. Jaspert at Maria’s By the Sea and featured a cultural story by local author, Mrs Ethlyn Rhymer, remarks by Deputy Governor, Mr David D. Archer, Jr and Keynote Address by Ms Rochelle Smith.

The 2019 Retirees are:

Alexander, Leon; BVI Airports Authority

Arthur, Kenneth; Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

Blyden-VanBeverhoudt, Ellen; Ministry of Education & Culture

Bowen, Herma; Deputy Governor's Office

Brannigan Simson; Public Works Department

Brathwaite, Bevin; Department of Agriculture

Brazier Sinclair; BVI Health Services Authority

Brodie-Marshall, Joanne; Ministry of Education & Culture

Callwood, Dennis; Social Development

Callwood-John, Lavern; Facilities Management Unit

Carter-McPherson, Joan; Ministry of Education & Culture

Christopher, Doris; Ministry of Education & Culture

Claxton, Juana; BVI Health Services Authority

David, Gladwin; BVI Fishing Complex

Donovan Pennie; Immigration Department

Donovan, Albert U.; BVI Health Services Authority

Donovan, Beverly A.; Ministry of Education & Culture

Fahie, Liston; Department of Waste Management

Fahie-Forbes, Arona; Department of Agriculture

Farrington, Clyde D.; Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

Forbes, Aubrey; Customs Department

George, Adrian; Public Works Department

George, Clive D.; Electrical Inspection Unit

George, Deborah; Supreme Court

George, Errol; Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

George, Janeth; BVI Health Services Authority

George-Fahie, Gloria; Ministry of Education & Culture

Greenaway, Dean; Department of Youth Affairs & Sports

Guishard, Livingston; Department of Agriculture

Gumbs, Dervin; Post Office

Henry Tilda V.; Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

Hodge-Smith, Beverly; Ministry of Health & Social Development

Hodge-Smith, Luce; Ministry of Education & Culture

Hope, Malcolm; Social Development (VG)

Howe, Bewadney; Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

Jackson-Smith Marilyn; BVI Airports Authority

Johnny, Bill; Royal Virgin Island Police Force

Jones, Annette; BVI Health Services Authority

Legair, Andrew; Water and Sewerage Department

Lyght, Bobieton; Deputy Governor's Office

Mactavious, Carol; BVI Health Services Authority

Mactavious, Jeanette Y.; Ministry of Education & Culture

Martin Shirley; Ministry of Education & Culture

Matthew, Carmen; Town & Country Planning

Mills Melva; Immigration Department

Oliviere Utha; BVI Health Services Authority

Parsons, Diane; Ministry of Finance

Penn Michelle; Ministry of Education & Culture

Penn Rainnul; Treasury Department

Penn Warren; Public Works Department

Pickering Valencia; Department of Trade

Purcell Juliette; Immigration Department

Richards, Anderson; Public Works Department

Richardson, Joseph; Town & Country Planning

Roberts Raymond; BVI Financial Services Commission

Rymer, Honourable Kye; Department of Motor Vehicles

Simmonds, Francine; Ministry of Education & Culture

Smith, Barbara; Social Development Department

Smith, Denise; Labour Department

Smith, Glenda; Ministry of Education & Culture

Stevens, Orlando; Immigration Department

Thimodant, Patricia; BVI Health Services Authority

Thomas, Kennie; Customs Department

Tom, Jacqueline V; Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

Wheatley, Aliston; Magistracy

Wheatley, Honourable Vincent; Deputy Governor's Office

Williams, Jerome; Customs Department

Williams-Olivierre, O'Carol; Royal Virgin Islands Police Force


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