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Tuesday, Sep 22, 2020

A local was ‘never intended’ to head RDA -Turnbull

A local was ‘never intended’ to head RDA -Turnbull

While commenting on talks from the Fahie administration about the possibility of a local becoming the next CEO of the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA), Opposition legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull has said the qualifications for the post indicate that a local was never intended to fill the position.

The RDA is seeking a new CEO following the resignation of New Zealand native Paul Bayly a few weeks ago.

“I did not support the RDA, unlike the current Premier. I said to someone that I was having a conversation with, when I looked at the job description that was set for the CEO of the RDA, you would realise that there was never intended for the BVIslander to qualify for that position,” Turnbull said during a press conference last week.

He continued: “Now hearing [that] because Mr Bayly has resigned, we can make way for a BVIslander, the Premier has the opportunity, if he so wishes, to do that. But why was the RDA set up? What was the RDA supposed to do? The last administration and this administration is operating in contravention to the law that passed that I voted against because the RDA was supposed to be set up to deal with the recovery and development of the Virgin Islands after the devastating storms of 2017. Where we are now is a lot of fast talk, a lot of things shifting, and things operating as if we are trying to get it together.”

Turnbull said his reasoning for voting against the RDA back in 2018 was that the BVI should be rebuilt by the locals, “just as it was done 50 or 60 years ago”.

Requirements for the post

Before Bayly’s initial appointment more than a year ago, a February 7, 2018 post on the RDA’s website said the successful applicant for the position of CEO was required to have senior management experience with a demonstrated ability to oversee, motivate and collaborate with staff.

He/she was also required to have “transparent and high integrity leadership in an intercultural environment, able to convey a vision of the Agency’s strategic future to diverse staff and stakeholders, and ready to lead as an agent of change.

Sound organisational skills including planning, delegating, programme development and task facilitation are other requirements for the post. Additional requirements include having excellent social and intercultural communication skills, methodological competence for facilitating participatory processes, and strong public speaking ability in international settings.

Notably, there were no educational requirements attached to the advertisement on the website.


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