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A Mississippian man, who was once considered a “ticking time bomb,” has lost a whopping 165 kilograms! What motivated this incredible transformation?

Well, it all started when Nicholas Craft had his wake-up call.
A doctor warned him that he had just a few years to live, unless he made serious changes to his lifestyle.

Weighing nearly 300 kilograms, Mr Craft underwent an intensive weight loss journey which lasted for four long years.

He started in 2019 and lost 18 kilograms in the first month alone, mainly by focusing on his calorie intake and gradually phasing out junk food.

Nicholas has struggled with weight all his life, but at 42 years old, this was his last chance to transform his life and save his future.

Mr Craft has faced difficulties like body aches, knee pain, and shortness of breath, limiting his mobility and social life, which resulted in depression that led him to overeat.

He couldn’t even attend family events and faced limitations with travelling.

However, with strong willpower and support from his grandma, Mr Craft turned his life around for the better.

It’s no surprise that transforming himself was not an easy feat, but Mr Craft managed to keep the calories in check without any special diets, and now he looks and feels great! He is breathing easier and no longer faces any of the difficulties he once did.

This inspirational story serves as a reminder that anyone can achieve their goals with a little determination and the right motivation.

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Beautiful Virgin Islands