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Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

A Second Round of Stimulus May Be Needed

A Second Round of Stimulus May Be Needed

Opposition Leader, Hon. Marlon Penn has caused that second round of stimulus maybe needed if Government continues along the current path towards the reopening of the territory.
Hon. Penn and his opposition colleagues in the House of Assembly have been very critical of the Government's plans, stating that the administration lacks a proper plan to jump-start the economy.

"Unfortunately if circumstances on the ground do not improve, it would mean having to provide a second round of stimulus grants to keep these businesses, their employees and families afloat. If not, many of them will have to make the unfortunate decision to close their doors, which I hope it never has to come to that," Hon. Penn stated.

Hon. Penn said, all members of the Opposition share the notion that lack of proper planning results in further financial strain on already cash strapped businesses (charter companies, ferry operators, etc.) as well as travellers who had already prepared for the December 8 opening only to learn less than 12 hours prior that plans have changed at the very last minute.

Hon. Penn expressed that the constant false starts stem from this Administration's lack of planning and knee jerk, reactionary, decision-making. He noted that the postponement which was announced less than 12 hours prior to the reopening reflects poorly on BVI – as a destination and as a brand.

"This is a clear indication that we are not prepared and this damages our global image, which has taken a hit lately with many negative and damaging stories in the regional and international press and we must get our act together and improve our image," the Opposition Leader pointed out.

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