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A woman's Abusive And Violent Meltdown On Flight, Arrested

The incident took place onboard Delta Airlines' Atlanta to New York flight.
A woman becoming aggressive and shouting at a plane full of passengers. The clip showed a woman swearing and shouting at crew and passengers after reportedly being told to remove her dog from her lap on the flight.

In the 2-minute-long clip, the woman can be seen aggressively responding to the news that she has to leave the plane. “F*** all of you,” she shouted at the crew and passengers.

At one point, she even threw a water bottle at a row behind her with some force. “Turn your f**king phone off,” she shouted at another passenger who was filming the altercation.

Further, the woman shouted that she is hours delayed to her destination “because you couldn't let my dog sit on my f*****g lap”. A flight attendant was then seen saying “Ma'am let's go”. The woman, on the other hand, was heard angrily shouting at people filming her and the staff members on board.

The woman was removed from the aircraft. She had hit a fellow passenger with the water bottle. As per the outlet, the Atlanta Police Department confirmed the incident, but it also added that no one involved had been arrested.

A Delta spokesperson, on the other hand, confirmed that the incident took place on a Delta Airlines Flight at Atlanta's international airport. The airline said, “Delta has zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour on our aircraft and in our airports. Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people and customers.”

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