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Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

Accepting the lies or repeating the truth

Accepting the lies or repeating the truth

Don’t tell us we are wrong or, you will hurt our Feelings:
Persons are quick to express concern that things they heard before are being repeated but hesitate to say whether they are learning from the provided information… Many seem to have developed an allergy to Truth and by seeking to avoid or discredit facts, they expose their own Children to the dangers and fantasy of lies while making themselves deceivers and misleaders of this and successive generations.

Indeed, it is no accident that for thousands of years, Political Power and Religious Doctrines have been close Bedfellows; simply because they share the commonality of feeding on the Poor and Less Fortunate with empty promises that they know cannot and will not be fulfilled… This makes them hypocrites and enemies of Truth so, in the absence of controlling us by promises they seek to control us by fear.

Subsequently; the same creators of All-loving Gods also created All-hating Devils and the same mouths that preach Freedom are just as quick to promise Prisons… This has never been a matter of the Rich and Powerful not knowing Wrong from Right – They have written the Laws - so their real Mission is to keep us in ignorance so they fear that when facts are explained and repeated, we may hear and be aware.

Deceivers always tell us to ‘trust them’ for, if we realise that their power is based on the repetition of Indoctrinations - whether in Churches or Schools - then we may understand why Persons get overly sensitive and reactionary when facts associated with the Bible, Elections, Slavery and Reparation, are revealed… Theirs is not a matter of protecting us and ours; simply, a wish and desire for us not to know.

What is really Written – Not just what we were told:

At the same time, I am no inventor of Truth and I ask no one to blindly agree with me… It is far more sensible to check things out for yourselves and don’t be surprised to find that Teachers and Preachers are not always right, and, it’s quite okay to be different … You may find that Monetary Reparation for Slavery is not a practical solution when we consider the vast number and global spread of our People.

It may be difficult to acknowledge that, in the story of Noah’s Ark, what the Bible actually said is that there were seven pairs of Animals taken on board - rather than just one pair as you have always been taught… Fact is, the Bible only referred to Lucifer as King of Babylon and not some fallen Angel and, Adam and Eve were really punished for seeking knowledge and refusing to be ignorant.

Fooling us is their hobby so it should be no surprise that BREXIT was created from bad-mindedness and Racism… UK felt that her Colleagues were benefitting too much from their Union and, she wanted to exclude Peoples of Colour from the same Commonwealth Countries, whose wealth she had stolen… This backfired, and she now depends on one of these same Persons, Prime minister Sunak, for rescue.

At the same time, we should not be misled by local politics that claim it’s impossible for UK to manage our affairs, when she can’t manage her own… That is as much nonsense as comparing apples to oranges… Please note that the smallest town in the UK is bigger than the BVI so, our real concern should be that BREXIT arrived in the VI in the cloak of CoI and our own leaders led us into the trap.

They may see this as a Dream but for us it is a Nightmare in which the UK is held neither responsible or accountable but still gets to call the shots, while we are the ones paying the price - We still think that the Shepherd loves the Sheep because he fattens them for the butcher… Thus, we pay leaders to take us backwards, and then console ourselves with the pointless chatter of New Elections and Constitution.

Taking credit for leading the Flock astray:

We notice that, even in the worst of times Rulers claim to be the doers, but they lie, because every inch of progress is only accomplished from the blood, sweat and tears of ordinary men and women… They are the Strugglers; the ones laying down their lives on Battlefields while leaders bask in feather beds and airconditioned offices - They see us as idiots and their greatest fear is that we might listen and learn.

Nonetheless, facts are facts and our children desperately need the Truth because, it was as Children that we believed everything and, as a result, we have done the Enemy’s work by feeding our Children with false information… Fact is, the UK cannot afford us for they may be headed for a Recession that would require generations to recover; especially if their National Wealth is based on Piracy and Slavery.

Time to realise that Democracy is not guaranteed and Slavery was no accident… Just recently that topic appeared on US Ballots and some persons voted in favour of Slavery… This means, like it or not, our Trickledown future depends on foreign Elections and, it is only exposure of the repeated wickedness of Trump, that we dodged the Bullet – We should be very concerned that Musk is giving him another try.

Trump may be a bad teacher but there is much we can learn from his Story about the Lady and the Snake… We know he’s the Snake and if we value wisdom over ignorance and love over hate, we won’t offer to be that Lady - It’s far easier to be our brother’s keeper since the VI is so small that everyone is your Family or Friend, making it easier to strive for the Greater Good of our Fellow man and Country.

We care for all and I focus on the Youth because Seniors are more inclined to make deals with Death than plans for the future, and, while it is true that the Youth may be lacking in experienced Wisdom, it is also true that Elderly lack interest in long-term Ambition… This combination results in a loss of Vision… “Where there is no Vision, the People perish” … Thus, Loss of Vision = Loss of People = Loss of Nation.

Why stress ourselves if we can fool & rule them?

This trend has been inbred in Slave Descendants - even those with the privilege of serving the Public - As a result, the People are being shortchanged… Once upon a time we looked to Politicians for rescue but now both our Politicians and Civil Servants appear to be under the UK’s control and it has been a standing practice for Senior Civil Servants to bamboozle Politicians they regard as weak, old or foolish.

This is tragic, since, Politicians were elected by the People to work in their best interest and, the less these Ministers are able to manage their Ministries, the more useless they become… Meanwhile, Civil Servants are deemed to operate under the 21st Century Colonialist directives of UK’s Government… Under such conditions, the best-intended talks of Elections and Constitutions bring nothing for the People.

Meanwhile, self-interest Players create Associations, Councils and Special Clubs that put the interests of their members front and centre while ignoring the needs of our People and Country - A Circus, where Bodies and Governments abuse the Private Sector by breaking their own rules – hiring and firing at whim, refusing to pay overdue Bills and ignoring mandated processes like Work Permits and Registrations.

The wrongness is so far gone, that this is now regarded as the norm – Just recently, I applauded a little positive movement from the Labour Department but this was quickly snuffed out by antics from the Immigration Department; leaving us with One step forward and two steps backwards… Maybe they are all terrified of the CoI but, our People deserve better than an offensive-defensive Public Service System.

Between the forces of Social Gravity and Trickledown Mentality, we now face a spiral decline; morally and financially – A literal test of our times… However, the UK is not invincible – Her decisions can be altered but if we never try then we will never know and, those who settle for puppetry, will always dislike being reminded that we changed UK’s mind for a New Public Hospital and proper Beef Island Bridge.

Remember, from the beginning, it was decreed that all living things bear a responsibility for the next generation to be better off than before… We are at a Roundabout where the Dollar is seen as King but, that same Dollar, used to confuse and abuse others, may be the same dollar use to buy and sell us… For the first in a lifetime, it seems that Today’s Children are likely to be worse off than Yesterday’s Parents.

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