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Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020

Acting RDA CEO tasked to employ strict conditions when issuing public contracts

Acting RDA CEO tasked to employ strict conditions when issuing public contracts

Premier and Minister for Finance Andrew Fahie has tasked the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) to ensure that measures are put in place to guarantee accountability while issuing contracts.

Premier Fahie said these measures would assist the territory on the global front.

“I want to remind the RDA to please set strict conditions around these projects,” the Premier during a contract signing ceremony on Thursday. “I encourage you to ensure that this project represents value for money and transparency in every facet of how the project is carried.”

“I want you to ensure accountability and not that you have not been doing so before, but I want you to ensure accountability and transparency at all times to show the world that we can police ourselves and that we don’t need to be policed by others,” he added.

The Premier then urged Acting CEO of the RDA, Anthony McMaster to remain “laser-focused” since driving the prosperity of the British Virgin Islands is a united effort.

Locals can rebuild BVI

Premier Fahie further noted that said with the border closed, the residents will be able to prove that they can rebuild without the need of outside help.

“Our people can do the work, and all we have to do is give them an inch so that they can take it the mile and more,” he stated.

“The future and prosperity of the Virgin Islands are in our hands let us continue to lead our economy fearlessly. We will continue to fix this territory district by district. I have all confidence in my people.”


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