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Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

Adhering To COVID-19 Measures Will Benefit You - Businesses Told

Adhering To COVID-19 Measures Will Benefit You - Businesses Told

Members of the business community in the British Virgin Islands have been told that adhering to the government’s control and suppression measures relating to the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) would be beneficial to the continued operations, and success of their businesses.
The Environmental Health Division has been having back to back virtual meetings all week with various sections of the business sector to “strengthen, reemphasize, sensitize and to create awareness” of the latest measures implemented for business continuity.

“The measures are not new, because they have been doing hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing of personal protection equipment (PPE), but, added to it is the compliance and the enforcement aspect,” Chief Environmental Health Officer Lionel Michael said.

He informed that so far, his department has conducted eight training sessions this week. These groups include supermarkets and food supply stores, convenience and variety stores, hardware and building material stores, department stores, office and stationery supplies stores, insurance companies, legal firms, real estate agents, beauty supply stores, barbershops, salons and restaurants.

“So we target all the business categories that are allowed to open by the government and that were inspected back in April and May and to inform them that the Social Distancing Task Force will be around to monitor and they are likely to issue sanctions in the form of fines.”

He continued, “Complying would be to their benefit in helping to protect their business, protect public health and reduce the spread of COVID-19. They would benefit financially, and everybody would be safe.”

To date, he said between 1,000 to 1,200 participants from these establishments has taken part, in some cases, more than one participant represented a business entity.

In the meantime, Michael informed that his department would continue these sessions throughout this week and next week to ensure that no business is left out.

He said the general public would also get their chance to be educated on the latest measures as they too would be fined for non-compliance.

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