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Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

Advocacy programme launched for public officials

Advocacy programme launched for public officials

The Virgin Islands Civil Service Association (VICSA) will launch an advocacy programme for public officials to make the public sector a better place.
The advocacy programme, launched today, is the first of its kind for the association and is designed to reach current and potential members throughout the public service with the purpose of reinforcing values while explaining the benefits of being a member.

“The initiative will also call attention to issues or problems, identify solutions, and coordinate efforts,” the press release by VICSA noted.

Meanwhile, President of VICSA Sasha Flax said the programme plans to bridge the gap between the public and public sector workers.

“This advocacy programme gives us an opportunity as liaisons to be a listening ear or a voice for the members of the public service,” Flax said.

“It is our desire to be available and willing to assist members and potential members with information ranging from benefits and rewards, conflict resolution, or any professional difficulties they may be facing,” she further stated.

The association noted members of the executive body remain on standby to assist both the public and public officials with any questions that may arise from out of the public service.

VICSA also has an advocate dedicated to each Ministry. Sasha Flax focuses on the Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration and Ministry of Health and Social Development; Joshua Edwards focuses on the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports; while Linton Leonard pays keen attention to the Ministry of Communication and Work.

Meanwhile, Sharona Pickering provides advocacy regarding the Premier’s Office and the Ministry of Finance and Kishann Braithwaite focuses on the Governor’s Group and the Deputy Governor’s Office.

VICSA noted the areas of focus for the association includes human resources matters, legal representation, professional development opportunities, career blueprints and more.

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