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Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

After George Floyd: US reckons with its past and present

At a dramatic Congressional hearing, the brother of George Floyd has called on lawmakers to make sure he did not die in vain. Floyd's killing in police custody ignited protests across America and around the globe. The plea by Philonise. Floyd come as demands grow to reform policing and stop African-Americans dying from excessive force by white police officers.
A changing awareness of the past is manifesting itself in other ways too - statues of Confederate leaders are being taken down. One standout case is the pending removal of the Confederacy's main hero, General Robert E. Lee in Richmond. We talk to Gerald Horne, Professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston.

Quote of the Day

“This last is important. Even in corporate environments, it is very difficult to remove an underling for incompetence if that underling has seniority and a long history of good performance reviews. As in government bureaucracies, the easiest way to deal with such people is often to “kick them upstairs”: promote them to a higher post, where they become somebody else’s problem.”

David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
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