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AI will drive efficiency amid global economic slowdown, leading financiers tell FII Priority Summit

At the Future Investment Initiative Summit in Miami, leaders from top corporations predicted that AI would enhance economic growth during the global slowdown, but they cautioned that swift and appropriate regulation was necessary to mitigate potential risks.
Marcelo Claure, CEO of Claure Group, emphasized the necessity for businesses to adopt AI to remain competitive, likening AI to a "bicycle of the minds" that everyone must learn to utilize.

He asserted that AI will drastically reduce the costs of cognition, creativity, and problem-solving, sharing an example where AI improved his company's marketing efficiency by 99%.

Blackstone Group's CEO, Stephen Schwarzman, highlighted the rapid advancement of generative AI and the urgency for ethical AI practices. Schwarzman, who supports AI regulation, shared concerns about misuse by rogue actors and the difficulty in keeping up with the AI's fast-paced development.

Jennifer Johnson, CEO of Franklin Templeton, listed five investment trends for the coming decade, including demographics, deglobalization, digitization, decarbonization, and debt.

She mentioned that supply chain shifts and capital movement are critical factors, with countries like Saudi Arabia creating investment-friendly policies. Johnson also underscored the importance of safe AI innovation to prevent unwanted expertise in the hands of malicious users.

The discussion also featured input from Pierre Beaudoin, board chairman of Bombardier, and Pam Liebman, CEO of The Corcoran Group, reinforcing the overarching message of the powerful role of AI in future investments and the economy.

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