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An NDP Gov't should not be the ones welcoming inaugural direct flight by AA– Verne H.E. Browne

An NDP Gov't should not be the ones welcoming inaugural direct flight by AA– Verne H.E. Browne

Former Chief Inspector in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) Verne H.E Browne, who is also a barrister, has called on the people of the Virgin Islands and the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) to ensure the National Democratic Party (NDP) does not enter government to be the ones welcoming the inaugural flight from Miami to the Virgin Islands by American Airlines.

Us carrier American Airlines will from June 1, 2023, officially start non-stop flights from Miami to the Virgin Islands, a deal that has been recognised as groundbreaking for the Virgin Islands.

This comes after the botched BVI Airways deal under the then National Democratic Party (NDP) led at the time by Dr D. Orlando Smith. The failed project cost the VI some $7.2M and nothing to show for the funds.

This was also a subject under the recently concluded UK-sponsored Commission of Inquiry.

In a WhatsApp voice note directed to the Premier, Mr Browne questioned whether NDP legislators should even be allowed to welcome the inaugural flight.

“Why should you allow an administration that squandered over $7M dollars of our hard-earned tax-payers money which never materialised, why should you and your government drop your guard at this time and allow that administration to be the welcome party on June 1st?” he questioned.

American Airlines (AA) will be making a return to the [British] Virgin Islands on June 1, 2023.

VIP must spread the red carpet - Mr Browne

“Our welcoming party to welcome our first direct flight from Miami to TB. Lettsome International Airport… you and your VIP team must spread that red carpet at TB Lettsome on the first of June and blow your horn that it didn’t cost $7M,” he added.

Attempts by Virgin Islands News Online (VINO) to contact Mr Brown proved futile.

Mr Browne, in the same WhatsApp voice note, urged the premier to ‘blaze’ the NDP over the matter that the flights will be commencing on June 1, 2023, without any burdensome cost to the Virgin Islands.

Successful negotiations for direct flights by American Airlines were led by Minister for Communications and Works Hon Kye M. Rymer (R5).

The National Democratic Party (NDP) Government had paid $7.2M to investors of the BVI Airways Project but the flights never materialised.


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