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Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Anegada express ferry introduces new route between Road Ttown & Anegada

Anegada Express Ferry has introduced a new route between Anegada and Road Town. The multi-purpose vessel which promises to serve Anegada residents and advance the economy can carry up to 100 passengers and 40 tons of cargos.
Operations between Road Town, Tortola, to Virgin Gorda, and onwards to Anegada and returning to Road Town, through Virgin Gorda, began today, June 2nd, 2020. The ferry will operate on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, with two round trips on each of the operation days.

Anegada Express originally operated out of Trellis Bay with its 48-foot ferry.

This project is special to ninth district representative and Minister of Labor and Natural Resources, Honorable Vincent Wheatley who is passionate about improving connections between the sister island.

He said ” I’m so pleased to see this as it brings Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Tortola even closer. We now have service and connection between Road Town and Anegada 7 days a week…first time in many, many years.”

Honorable Vincent Wheatley

The Minister boasted that the amenities onboard makes for a very comfortable ride. “It is a gamechanger,” he said

Minister Wheatley further congratulated the owners and is now encouraging the public to utilize the new service.

Anegada Express has also made an effort to maintain passenger options if they wish to travel to the Airport and travel to or from Anegada through Trellis Bay.

Passengers will be able to continue with the Trellis Bay option through the Loose Mongoose Bar and Restaurant. They will be carried on a private shuttle from their dock to take customers from Trellis Bay. As well as to meet the Express on its way to Anegada through Virgin Gorda, and collect returning Anegada passengers who are traveling on the Express to Trellis Bay. So that they can continue to have options as well as the ability to go directly to the Airport. Upon arrival at the Loose Mongoose, shuttle options to the Airport will be available, or guests can choose to relax and wait in comfort before they need to catch their flight.

The new 96-foot Anegada Express ferry is a triple engine vessel that is able to carry up to 100 passengers and 40 tons of cargo to the sister island of Anegada. It is designed as a reliable multi-purpose vessel to serve Anegada residents and advance the regional economy. The vessel is bigger, stronger, safer, and able to operate safely through bad weather conditions and able to handle the rough seas better, which is sometimes experienced by the vessel on the crossing.

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