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Thursday, Nov 26, 2020

Anthony McMaster appointed Acting RDA boss after ‘rigorous review’

Anthony McMaster appointed Acting RDA boss after ‘rigorous review’

Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communication & Works, Anthony McMaster, has been appointed to act in the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA).

His appointment will commence on March 2, an RDA-issued press release stated.

McMaster relocated to the RDA February last year to serve in the post of Director of Programme Delivery.

“McMaster was selected following a rigorous internal review and recruitment process,” the release stated. “He will continue to drive the implementation of the Government of the Virgin Islands’ recovery agenda.”


In the meantime, McMaster said he is pleased to be the new RDA boss.

He said: “I am grateful to be chosen to be in such a prestigious position. It is a great opportunity for a BV Islander to become the Head of the Recovery and Development Agency.”

McMaster then gave kudos to the outgoing head of the agency, Paul Bayly and the rest of the team at the RDA.

While McMaster will commence his new role on March 2, Bayly will officially vacate his post on March 20.


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