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Thursday, Dec 07, 2023

Antigua takes Regional Dance Off crown

The 2nd Annual Regional Dance Off and Fish Festival lacked a sizable crowd; however, it was not short of entertainment at Festival Grounds on Saturday, November 19, 2022.
The dance off saw crowd favourite Antigua dethrone St Kitts to take the crown.

The competition had three segments. In the first two segments all five women participated. They were Blazing Ari of Jamaica, Ai Candy of Antigua, Melotic Shell of St Kitts, Ren Pop of the [British] Virgin Islands (VI) and Waistline Goddess of Dominica.

The first round saw the women performing rehearsed pieces to their liking while the second round was about free styling. When the scores tallied Jamaica and Dominica were eliminated.

Following a three-minute dance off with all the finalists on stage at the same time, Antigua amassed the highest score to win the crown, dethroning St Kitts who came in at 2nd and VI took the 3rd place.

Crowd favourite

Ai Candy became a crowd favourite from round one with her level of dancing and costume which included lighted wings and performing to the popular dancehall piece of Jamaica ‘Lego deh Bird’. She literally let a bird out of a cartoon cage and attempted to catch it.
Persons also expressed that Ren Pop of the VI did very well. One of her props included a swimming pool which she danced in and then leapt out all wet to land a split.

It is our understanding that the fish fest aspect was cancelled at the last minute due to the lack of support by vendors.
The promotion was done by local businessman Mr Steve E. Parillon.

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