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Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Travel Restrictions - Deposit Refunds

Travel Restrictions - Deposit Refunds

I'm part of a group of 8 people who have been planning a sailing vacation from BVI through Conch Charters for over a year. We have held out hope that we would be able to hold this trip throughout all of Covid.
As BVI began to open up, we stood by our Charter and did not request a refund of our deposit.

It has now become very apparent that with testing requirements before, during and after our trip that the likelihood of a false positive (with 32+ tests) is high which would quarantine the group for the entirety of the vacation and potentially prevent someone from being able to return to their jobs due to quarantine restrictions.

This had made a trip of this nature untenable at this time.

Conch Charter has absolutely refused to refund all or even a portion of our $3,000 US Deposit.

Can you recommend any course of action as this lack of flexibility will keep us from ever considering BVI for a vacation again.

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