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Sunday, Jan 24, 2021

BVI Government attempts to clear up outstanding bills; invoices dating back more than 5 years

BVI Government attempts to clear up outstanding bills; invoices dating back more than 5 years

When a citizen does not pay tax he goes to jail (unless he bribes somebody on the legal-food-chain-system). When will the citizens jail all the criminals in the BVI government that have not paid their bills due to the citizens? 5 years of outstanding bills is not standard civil-servant laziness and stupidity: it's a crime that should be punished.
Hon. Kye Rymer, Minister of Transportation, Works and Utilities declared in the House of Assembly that he encountered a “huge outstanding bill” upon taking over the Ministry.

Minister Rymer explained that his concern is not only with the quantum of the bill, but also with the number of vendors owed.

It was revealed that the Ministry has outstanding bills dating back more than five years.

Allegedly, this situation has caused serious damage to the Government’s reputation within the business community. Some vendors have even refused to offer services or products to the Government until outstanding balances have been paid.

The Ministry is having some difficulties verifying a large portion of invoices due to them being outstanding for an extended period of time.

Hon. Rymer said “this situation remains quite fluid as the Ministry has been contacted by other vendors, who are claiming to have provided services for which they were never paid. Again these claims are more than five years old.”

Minister Rymer gave assurances that although the most substantial portion of the outstanding debt has not yet been verified, he and his team will be working feverishly to settle outstanding invoices.

Thus far, the Ministry has been able to verify some portion of the debt and have already issued payments.

Another batch of invoices is currently being processed by the Ministry and payments will be made in a few weeks.

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