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Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021

Asian restaurant in Road Town ordered to cease operations

Asian restaurant in Road Town ordered to cease operations

An Asian restaurant located in Road Town was ordered to temporarily cease operations after a video of improper food preparation measures began circulating locally.
The Environmental Health Division issued the order this week.

Speaking about the matter on ZBVI radio, Chief Environmental Officer Lionel Michael said his department was alerted about the video on Wednesday.

“One of the central issues that was observed in the video and what we found is how food is being thawed or defrost, as we say. That is a recurring problem in establishments where food is just left on the counter, on the kitchen sink overnight — it is put out in the sun,” Michael explained.

“Those practises were such that they could have led to food-borne disease, food-borne illnesses or what is commonly called food poisoning in customers. So we got the notification, we swiftly responded and we ordered that the food business cease all operation in handling and preparing food which includes the preparation, cooking, serving, and storage of food,” he added.

Further explaining the mechanism that causes food-related illnesses, Michael said the conditions under which the restauranteurs in question thawed their food could lead to an increase in bacteria and microorganisms.

And although cooking is a good preventative measure, Michael said cooking does not destroy the toxins of microorganism that may be in food.

Meanwhile, the food establishment must suspend operations until they’re able to “put the recommended corrective measures in place”.

“We’re trying to organise some training for them because training will help to strengthen their capacity to prevent some of those illnesses,” Michael stated.

The business, in the meantime, is said to have already begun correcting the issues identified.

Other food establishments are reminded to ensure they practise proper hygiene and food preparation techniques.

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