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Asphalt plant to be operational by June! Major savings expected

The Public Works Department has announced that the government’s new asphalt plant will be operational by June of this year.
According to Director of Public Works, Jeremy Hodge, the commissioning of the plant, which has been highly anticipated, is expected to bring major savings to the public purse as it relates to conducting roadworks.

Hodge noted that a single 20-yard truck of asphalt costs about $12,000.

“Paving one mile of road 24 feet wide, three inches thick would cost north of $690,000. [But] having our own plant will cost the government one-third of that and will allow the department to work year round on our roads,” he stated.

The Public Works Director further said some of the auxiliary equipment attained in support of the plant were five tanks of oil, equivalent of fifteen 20-yard Public Works trucks; a paver; a roller; and a milling machine used to recycle old asphalt.

Attempts were made to have the plant commissioned by late 2022, but in accordance with the contractual agreement the plant’s manufacturer AMMANN, officials found that further configurations had to be made to the facility based on the decided staging location of the plant.

The plant is currently located in a quarry, and Hodge expressed that he is grateful to proprietors of the area for allowing its operations. He said another location was being sought, as the quarry is extremely dusty.

The director added that the search began in 2021 for a site for the plant, as the department’s compound was too small to accommodate the operations.

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