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Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

Bad East End/Long Look roads the butt of jokes - Penn

Bad East End/Long Look roads the butt of jokes - Penn

Health Minister Marlon Penn has said the roads in East End/Long Look have become the laughingstock of the territory and are a danger to residents.
“I believe that the East End/Long Look community and the roads in that community have been the butt of a series of jokes on social media these days and I think it’s no laughing matter for me,” Penn said in the House of Assembly.

The minister, who also serves as one of the District Representatives for the area along with Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, said he has continued to ask questions over the years about the road infrastructure in his community.

Penn said there have been heated and sensitive discussions about the road infrastructure in that community in the past, but insisted that the deteriorating situation within there needs to be arrested.

“I know that there is a particular road in question in Greenland that I continue to advocate for because I see the danger for the residents that live in the community,“ Penn stated.

“It is important for us to really look at how to get that particular piece of road addressed and fixed once and for all and thus overall the maintenance of our road infrastructure,” he added.

Penn further stated that legislators have a duty to taxpayers to maximise the resources the territory has, and at the bare minimum, deliver proper road infrastructure for the people.

He also called the road infrastructure in his community one of the worst in the territory and said he remains committed to working with the subject minister to ensure the issue is rectified.

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