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Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021

Bad Shape! W&S Leaking $22 M In Revenue Yearly

Bad Shape! W&S Leaking $22 M In Revenue Yearly

Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities Hon. Kye Rymer has revealed that the Water and Sewerage Department is operating in bad shape, paying out approximately $22 million on average per year for the supply of water.
The Minister made the remark during the House of Assembly sitting while delivering an update on his Ministry today, March 10.

“While the Water and Sewerage Department collects an average of $5 million per annum in revenues for the sale of portable water, it pays the water suppliers approximately $27 million per annum, which results in a gross variance of some $22 million each year,” he revealed.

He added, “When calculated, this equates to the Water and Sewerage Department recouping a mere 14 per cent of its operating expenditure when compared to the current losses in excess of 80 per cent in revenues.”

Minister Rymer said, in an effort to curb the margin of loss, in the first instance, 5,325 ultrasonic digital water meters with the capability to read remotely were purchased and are being installed throughout the territory, thereby replacing the existing analogue meters.

“This will lead to a more efficient and effective water accountability and billing system,” he stated.

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