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Monday, Nov 23, 2020

Bar Owners Feel Targeted

Bar Owners Feel Targeted

As bars remain closed under the current Curfew Order, At-Large Representative, Hon. Neville ‘Sheep’ Smith, is pushing for Government to revisit the decision.
Speaking last evening in the House of Assembly, Hon. Smith said that he had a recent meeting with the owners of the establishments and they complained about being targeted. The Government member said the owners did not only complain but also offered solutions that could lead to them be reopened.

They also formed an association to lead this process. Hon. Shereen Flax-Charles was also part of the meeting with the owners.

“They have formed an association to come up with ideas, plans, and solutions instead of criticizing what the Government is doing. And that is what we need, people to come up with ideas, plans, and solutions; don’t just be out there complaining and making noise. Come up with ideas and plans and bring them forward. The Government doesn’t know it all, we are going to try our best,” Hon. Smith stated.

He further stated, “I explained to them-change your strategy, adapt, make some changes and I realize that they have done that. They brought some documents to me which I will share with members so we can sit down and revisit this whole deal.”

Smith commended the bar owners for their efforts.

“The bar owners feel as if they are being targeted. And I told them no... I must say I commend the bar owners for what they are doing,” Hon. Smith stated.

He said, “When you listen to people and you hear their concerns you understand where they are coming from and a lot of their cries are restaurants open why can’t a bar opened?“

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