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Tuesday, Dec 01, 2020

Be Not Afraid To Fire Persons Not Performing

Be Not Afraid To Fire Persons Not Performing

Premier and Finance Minister Hon. Andrew Fahie is not afraid to fire persons who are not performing in their respective posts.
“What I am telling Mr Lewis is, don’t get comfortable because the House brought you and just how the House brought you it will take you. Go and get it done. And that goes for anybody that is on any board that this government put on, who decide they don’t want to perform from the captain down to the crew members,” he said.

The Premier continued, “whatever moves need to be made to make sure the people of the Virgin Islands get the best deal in a transparent and accountable way. If you have to be revisited, it will be done.”

Premier Fahie, who spoke at length about the poor internet service in the Territory, said that he does not believe in firing, but would more use the term ‘relieve of duty’.

He said that most persons view it as embarrassing when they are fired.

“Mr Vance Lewis has my full support, but he has been forewarned that he has some heavy work to do and he wasn’t placed there to be popular. He was placed there to be effective and to get results and I don’t know why people feel that it is embarrassing when you put somebody to do something and they don’t get it do, and you have to relieve them of their duties, I don’t believe in firing people,” he expressed.

He said at the end of the day it is about getting the job done.

“I believe that if you put somebody there and they ain’t doing what they have to do and you relieve them of their duties, what is the problem with that? I have watched baseball, basketball, softball, I saw some teams fire coaches until they find the right fit. The aim here is to get the job done for the people,” Premier Fahie stated.

The Finance Minister believes that persons just to stay focus on what they were hired to do.

“Because life in the BVI is going to be a lot better when people understand that when you get a position its not for you but for present and future generations especially those unborn to make the right decisions,” he opined.

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