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Saturday, Oct 24, 2020

'Being a BVIslander or a Belonger is not enough to get a job' - Premier warns

'Being a BVIslander or a Belonger is not enough to get a job' - Premier warns

BVIslanders and Belongers are being told that their bare Immigration status is not enough to earn them employment in the territory.
Premier Andrew Fahie made that remark on the heels of his announcement that employers are now required to exhaust a territory-wide list of unemployed locals and Belongers before a work permit is issued to an expat.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Thursday, Fahie said: “[Do] not expect to be hired just because you are a Belonger. Being a BVIslander or a Belonger is not enough.”

“While you are entitled to certain things, you could lose your entitlement if you do not prepare yourself for the future. You also have to bring skills to the job and to make sure that you come to work and add value to the job,” he added.

The Premier is currently spearheading an employment initiative to provide 1,000 jobs to BVIslanders and Belongers in 1,000 days.

He said the aforementioned list of unemployed locals has been drafted with the type of job that each of those jobless persons are capable of doing.

In the meantime, a team will be canvasing the districts to ensure everyone local who wants to work, will find work.

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