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Friday, Dec 04, 2020

Being educated in VI is no 'disservice' to local children- Karia J. Christopher

Points out misconception in prestigious circles that foreign education is better

'Real Talk' television show host, Mrs Karia J. Christopher says there is a misconception in prominent circles that foreign education better equips children in the Virgin Islands to be able to compete in the world of work.

Speaking at the Season 2, Episode 4 of her television show on Sunday, July 5, 2020, with guest, Deputy Governor David D. Archer Jr, Christopher said locals with prestige prefer to send their children abroad instead of having them educated in the VI.

Prominence & Education

"I went to a dinner party, a whole lot of David Archer like people were there... it was a prestigious dinner party, but the conversation had me a little restless," she said.

According to Mrs Christopher, "persons who are doing well in the community, and have children, felt that the BVI was too small of a space to raise their children," she noted.

The Real Talk host said the conversation veered into local education being a 'disservice' to local children, leaving them unable to compete with the rest of the world and those in the Territory.

Foreign education Vs Local

Citing her disapproval, Mrs Christopher said that while she agrees exposure better equips children for the world, she said as a mother, nothing can compare to the experience of growing and learning with children during the education journey.

She questioned the Deputy Governor on his reasoning for sending his sixteen-year-old son away to be educated outside the Territory so early in his educational journey.

While Deputy Governor Mr Archer Jr said the VI has an amazing education system, he said parents are often forced to make decisions that are in the best interest of their children.

Sending son away was a 'painful decision' - Dept Governor

"My son, beside academics...., he is also an athlete and he plays basketball, the opportunity for him to go to an academic and athletic school is not right now in the BVI."

"I had to make a conscious decision, it hurt me, it was painful... but at the time the experience abroad was the best for him," Mr Archer said.

Mrs Christopher remarked that while Mr Archer Jr's answer was a good one, an underlying issue she discovered in the Territory is that people continue to have a sense of prominence with having their children study abroad.


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