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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

Beware the sons of Solomon & the wisdom we spurn

Beware the sons of Solomon & the wisdom we spurn

Why Repeat the Mistakes of Others?

We live and learn so, it would be nice if we could say or hear something just once and that would be enough – However, in Today’s World of conspiracies and propaganda; once never seems to be enough for although we claim to search for Truth, yet, when we find it, we still reject it… Subsequently, our Lives and World are ruled by many who regard lying as talent and find it as easy to lie as to breathe – In this, Trump is not alone.

As the World turns, Seasons change; Days get longer, Nights shorter and, with modern Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, there is less and less to do, which means we should be well rested… However, that’s not the case and our nights are sleepless since, Work, which is the bridge to our future, is becoming so much harder to find, as greed replaces need… Seems, the smarter we get the more foolish we become.

We still paint ourselves as great followers of the Bible and applaud Joshua for replacing Moses as the young replacing the old… However, we choose to forget how Solomon’s Son, Rehoboam, replaced his father only to destroy the Kingdom of Israel with unjust Taxes and bad Labour Policies… His hard-headed juvenile Government was far more interested in making new Piss Marks than serving the People.

Remember, they too held their equivalent ‘feel good’ Zoom Meetings – Not to gather wisdom but to solicit what they wanted to hear - so they approved making things even more difficult than they were before… As a result, Israel declined until they became victims, beggars and common criminals… While we are no Israel, we should learn from the similarities as well as differences, in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

Furthermore, we print no Money and have no abundance of Natural Resources – not even Man Power… This makes us a Trickledown Economy whose only means of survival is, providing Goods and Services in exchange for imported Foreign Currency… As such, we also require the importation of Materials as well as Personnel; most of whom require Work Permits - Without one of these parts we fail to achieve the whole.

Do Leaders have License to Steal?

Just as a divided Kingdom cannot succeed, we need to work together, so, it is self-defeating, when Labour, Immigration and other Government Bodies do the exact opposite and turn simple Processes into Tax Extractors and Punishment Schemes… As this cancer spreads to their Health Care Division, they habitually steal Private Sector Workers by offering them more Money and devious ways to cheat their own System.

While Government willfully and maliciously handicaps their own People through Work Permits hurdles and Registration pitfalls, they exempt themselves… These stolen Employees are not stupid so it’s natural to reason that, if injustices were done so easily for them, why not collect extra helpings before those at the top take all for themselves? They don’t have to lift a finger; just let disgruntled locals lead while they still benefit.

It’s easy to hold Politicians at ransom with the expectation that, rather than seek real solutions, these leaders will focus on pirating somebody else’s Resources or Money – maybe your Social Security Funds… This requires neither Math or Commonsense, for it has been done for years and People are still too blind to recognize it as the stealing of their Children’s Future in order to satisfy political ambitions and appetites.

Bad Governance is now a pandemic with Departments and Branches stealing from anyone and everywhere… As repeat Offenders, they habitually steal Money from the same Private Sector Providers from whom they stole the Employees… It is now a 4-month habit of NHI to neglect paying for Services they received, even as they pour unjustified Monies into the same Health Services Authority that is under rebellion and scrutiny.

Welcome to Reality as the Winds of Strange cover the Earth:

Corruption is easy to grow and Black History Month may be short, but the problems are just as long… Even the simple act of Registration is so polluted by personalities, self-interest, favoritism and victimisation, that it is characterized by delays and unwarranted rejections… Ironically, they even increased their prices while further complicating an already flawed Work Permit Process – All for selfishness and not for you, the People.

BV-Islanders are in trouble and the sufferings of our People are neither accidental nor amusing – Pressure from corrupted Social Systems is so unhelpful that numerous funerals mean it is too late for some... Even the UK may fail us, for, although she brags of Brexit-prosperity, her National Pension and Health Schemes tell us differently… Her own labour problems changed her Covid-19 Rules and will likely stop our Vaccines.

If we dared to look at the World, we may wonder… Are they calling for Wars too soon and releasing Viruses before they are controlled?... Can any rational person think that we are better off now than 20 years ago?... Think about it - Others less gifted have passed this way before so, is it really that hard to work together for the common good?... And, isnt it time, the Energies of the Young learn to harness the Wisdom of the Old?


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