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Friday, Jan 15, 2021

Biden, Obama & white evangelicals

Biden, Obama & white evangelicals

The Southern Confederacy lives on to protect racism and segregation in the USA: but its days are numbered. Now make no mistake. The core culture that defines the USA is not its military, technological, and economic power. Race and Segregation are the defining factors in the USA’s 250 years of history and economy.
Slavery, the plantation, Civil War, Black Nationalism, racism, and then the Jim Crow and Civil Rights movements, remain the central narratives that define US and western culture and history, in spite of the disruption of two World Wars, a Cold War, economic recessions, pandemics, and Climate Change.

Racism is the narrative that drives western politics and society. Why? Because racism is in the DNA of western culture and until it is excised it will remain a disruptive and toxic force.

Legendary Jamaican Reggae Artist Bob Marley – quoting Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia- could not have put it better when he stated that ‘’ until the philosophy that holds one race superior, and another, inferior, is finally and ultimately discredited and abandoned, there will be war.’’

Now one element of American Society that exposes the inherent racism in the USA is the North American Evangelical Community. Today these Evangelicals have hit the bottom of the barrel in terms of their credibility.

An evangelical pastor, John Pavolvitz, put it this way: ‘’ the world has had it with white evangelicals. People everywhere want nothing to do with the white evangelical church.’’

White Evangelicals are very much what the white church was under apartheid South Africa, and in Ian Smith’s Rhodesia: it is a church filled with hypocrites and white supremacists.

The White Evangelicals according to Pavolvitz are a ‘’thinly-veiled’’ white supremacist society that for 8 years relentlessly demonized a Black President, Barack Obama ‘’ a man faithfully married for 26 years; a doting father; and a husband without a hint of moral scandal, or the slightest whiff of infidelity.’’

White Evangelicals denied Obama’s personal faith convictions, denied Obama was a US Citizen; and assailed the President’s character, without a shred of evidence.

And against the Christian faith these ‘’ hypocrites’’ never publicly offered prayers for the President and his family; they never offered Christian solidarity to Obama nor affirmed his humanity; in effect not for a day did these people show the President the love of Jesus Christ.

Instead, they damned Barack Hussein Obama as they gave Carte Blanche to a man because he was white: a man riddled with depravity; littered with extramarital affairs; a man unapologetically vile; with a vast resume of moral filth.

They were willing to give Obama’s successor full absolution; they were willing to forgive this vile and unrepentant man with zero love and compassion in his heart.

The white evangelicals are allies with racist confederates. Preaching a white Jesus but not having the understanding that Jesus was actually very dark-skinned.

White Evangelicals may have gained a Supreme Court seat and the ear of a toxic president, but in the process they have lost their own souls. They have lost the plot.

The white evangelical church has become completely irrelevant to most ‘’Believers’’ and with the defeat of Donald Trump, White Evangelical Christianity down in history, with the final defeat of the toxic Southern Confederacy.

The two are tied together at the hip.

Quote of the Day

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