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Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

Bishop Takes First Jab, Maintains Inoculation Should Be A Personal Choice

Bishop Takes First Jab, Maintains Inoculation Should Be A Personal Choice

While stating that he is confident that his immune system could fight the deadly COVID-19, Bishop John Cline said he has taken his first jab of the COVID-19 vaccine for travel purposes.

His comments come while he maintained that being inoculated should be a personal choice for residents of the territory, and it should not be forced for job security reasons.

“Basically I travel a lot, and Europe is one of the places that I was scheduled to go this year. I had a friend of mine who was returning from Europe who said he almost had to re-route himself and buy another ticket that would have cost him upward of $3,000 to do so because of vaccine protocols that certain countries were accepting and not accepting,” the Bishop lamented

He added, “So it can be quite a challenge to travel beyond the US if you are not [vaccinated], and it’s the only reason for me why I made the decision. But in terms of my own personal health and my own personal immune system, I feel very confident that if I were to come into contact with COVID-19 that I would survive it because my immune system is strong. And, it has been proven millions and millions of times over that 98 per cent of the people who have gotten COVID-19 survived the virus because of a strong immune system.”

For this cause, he said he has always promoted eating right, exercise, get fresh air and sunlight.

“Take care of your health, and if you take care of your health, the amazing body that God has put us to live in will take care of you,” the Bishop stated.

Not Anti-vaccines

In the meantime, he has made it clear that he is not against vaccines.

“I am not anti-vaccines at all; I have never said that people should not take the vaccine. What I have said that it should be a personal choice because you are asking someone to put medication in their bodies that you don’t quite know what the risks are to that person. So I believe it’s up to the individual to make a decision for themselves," Bishop Cline stated

He pointed out that there are side effects, even death, adding that he does not think “it’s right for an employer to link a person’s job to the vaccines. But I have never advocated or encouraged anyone not to get the vaccine.”

The Bishop added, “Once you give people the whole truth about the vaccines, the risks and the benefits, once you tell them the truth about the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated, that both can catch and spread the disease, then you don’t give one an advantage over the other, except they understand that if you are unvaccinated and you catch the disease especially if you have an underlying condition that you put yourself at a greater risk of severe illness and that’s all I have been asking for. Give us the whole story, and not just one that supports your position and then let people make up their minds.”

While vaccinations have not been made mandatory, it is increasingly becoming more difficult to remain employed without being vaccinated.


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