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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Bodycam Shows Intense Shootout Between Chicago Police And Carjacking Suspect

Chicago, Illinois — The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released body cam video of a 2020 incident at the Grand Central (25th) District police station in which three officers were shot. Police returned fire and shot the suspect, Lovelle Jordan, in the incident on July 30, 2020. The sentence comes two months after he pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder and five counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer.
Footage shows officers pulling Jordan from the front seat of a stolen 2018 Porsche and throwing him to the ground. Officers cuff Jordan and tell him they are searching him for weapons. Jordan responds that he does not have any weapons on him. Jordan asks officers to place his handcuffs in the front because he had third-degree burns on his hands. Officers refuse but tell him they will remove the handcuffs once they are at the station. While in the SUV, Jordan was able to move his hands to the front and pulled the gun from his clothes, police said.

For almost four minutes, an officer drives a squad car with Jordan in custody in the back seat – unknowingly armed. When police arrived at the sally port at the station at 5555 W. Grand Ave. on the city's West Side, and an officer opened the door of the SUV to take Jordan inside, Jordan shot the officer in the chin. The officer falls to the ground then rises about two minutes later and fires about two shots before running into the station. Four officers fired shots at Jordan, who eventually fell to the ground, left paralyzed by a gunshot wound.

Jordan had fired at least five shots, striking an officer in the shoulder and neck, prosecutors said. Two other officers suffered less serious wounds: One was shot in his protective vest, but the bullet didn’t penetrate; the other officer was wounded in the hip. Sources said between Jordan and the officers, more than 50 shots were fired. At the time of the shooting, Jordan was a convicted felon on parole for gun charges and had been on electronic monitoring until June 2020. Last month, Jordan was sentenced to 31 years in prison after pleading guilty. Shortly afterward on April 19, Jordan died when he hanged himself.

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