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Friday, Dec 09, 2022

Boris and Rishi: you say you’re sorry. Here’s how to prove it:

You’ve each been fined a few quid for brazenly breaking the covid lockdown laws that you yourselves set. Now, as real contrition, the pair of you should pay the fixed penalties of all the little people who were fined for similar crimes.

Obviously, you two think that the laws of the country apply only to the British public, and not to its leaders – forgetting, it seems, that you are public servants on our payroll.

At the “height” of the pandemic, there were students, pensioners, families and work-mates who were fined for get-togethers that were smaller and lower risk than the boozy bashes you held in your office-cum-homes at the heart of our government.

These little people were collared by a plodding police force dutifully implementing the nasty laws you enacted, which clearly targeted the rank-and-file while leaving the high-and-mighty to keep partying on behind their closed establishment doors.

The pair of you can make proper and fitting atonement by personally re-imbursing those hit with the worst of those ridiculous fines.

Boris, you can pay out of the same slush fund you use for the wife’s wallpaper.

Rishi, you can pay it out of the weekly interest on the amount of tax your wife’s been evading.

You two carpetbaggers are the unworthy holders of the highest offices in the Realm. Demonstrate that you really are sorry, that you really are one with the man on the street.

Or are you going to keep calm, carry on, and prove once again that there’s one set of laws for the man in the street, and no laws at all for the men in Downing Street?


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