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Boris Johnson is about to sign a contract with an American company to get millions for giving speeches. Something he did until very recently for free.

The public has two choices: to appreciate his ability to give brilliant speeches that has remained hidden until now, or to assume that this is the way to pay him back for the great amount of weapon sales he facilitated to Ukraine. Just as Tony Blair became a millionaire for the billions he made for the oil companies by faking the excuse for the Iraq war.
To give credit where it’s due, at least Tony Blair had brilliant public speaking skills, regardless of his zero integrity.

Oh ya 1 year ago they might not show this on cnn, msnbs like you normally watch. He runs the military so he is part of it. The guy driving the getaway car at a bank robbery is also guilty of robbing the bank.
Ya oh 1 year ago
Oh ya, you are wrong. Ukraine president is not a NAZI. And I do not recall any offer from Russia to have a peace agreement with Ukraine. It is true that Boris Johnson push Ukraine to provoke Russia by violating their agreement to remain neutral, it is true that Putin had no other choice but to attack Ukraine in order to force them not to place NATO weapons against Moscow in their common border, but all this doesn’t justify the horrible things Putin did in this war.
Oh ya 1 year ago
Yes the trader that when to Ukraine and convinced the NAZIS president not to accept the peace deal with Russia. He should be hung not given a contract


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Beautiful Virgin Islands