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Friday, Mar 05, 2021

Brazilian officer steps on neck of 51-year-old black woman

Brazilian cop is seen STANDING on black woman's neck in shocking video footage as governor announces suspension of two officers involved
João Doria, the governor of the Brazilian state of São Paulo, said Sunday two cops were removed from their roles after one stood on a black woman's neck.

One of the two arresting military police officers appeared in a video stepping on the neck the bar owner while she was lying on the ground on May 30.

The woman, a widow and mother of five children, suffered a broken leg.

She told Brazilian news outlet G1 she approached a friend to calm tensions after the police went up to his vehicle because of loud music.

The woman said one of the police officers beat the man and that she was attacked when she asked them to stop
The cops argued that the woman assaulted them with an iron rod.

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