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Monday, Oct 26, 2020

Business owners could be fined, jailed for disobeying curfew

Business owners could be fined, jailed for disobeying curfew

Business owners could be prosecuted, fined and even imprisoned if they do not comply with the government-imposed commerce curfew.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Alwin James, breaking the ongoing 6 am to 8 pm curfew is a summary offence under the territory’s Public Health Act.

“It is a $1,000 fine and a 12 month-imprisonment. It is possible also that it may affect their operating license in terms of the future because we will report that information - to Cabinet  of the constant violators as it relates to this area,” the Deputy Commissioner said.

Report them!

In the meantime, James made an appeal to the members of the public to play their part in keeping the territory free from COVID-19.

“We are asking members of the community who are seeing violators of the business curfew to dial into our 311 number and report it and officers will respond. Businesses have to close at 8 pm and remain closed until 6 am.”

James said there are instances where employees are required to restock the goods on supermarket shelves which is not an issue.

“It’s not about restricting people’s movement. It’s about the services of businesses. The police are going to take a sensible and pragmatic approach towards the enforcement of those restrictions, but we are asking persons to be compliant because it is also about their safety and security,” he further said.


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