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Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

Businessman and politician Myron v Walwyn weighs in on coivd-19 management

Businessman and politician Myron v Walwyn weighs in on coivd-19 management

Former Education Minister Myron V Walwyn, in a recent Facebook shared his thoughts on the managing of the pandemic COVID-19.
In the post Walwyn said and I quote: “We have got to get into the mindset that we must manage the Covid situation as diligently as we can with all the tools that are available to us. A balanced approach between health and the economy, though very delicate, has to be performed and it can be managed and achieved.

Our current approach with the travel protocols is tantamount to not opening the territory at all. Those protocols, though probably well intended, are too onerous and as has been shown already will cause severe economic losses for the territory and its people. This can usher in other health challenges for our people.

Though significant damage has been done already to the tourism industry by the announcements, we can still re-visit the protocols, make amendments and put a proper plan in place to guide us going forward.

There is no shortage of ideas and proposals available locally. Taking sensible advice is not a weakness. It requires strength to do that. Life will become extremely difficult for all of us if we do not put the effort in to get this right.”

The politician and businessman has been vocal not only about the ongoing fight against COVID-19 and its management but also on the reopening of school in an effort to get students back into the classroom, among his suggestions for the reopening of schools, a hybrid shift system approach was suggested.

Quote of the Day

“If no one had an army, armies would not be needed. But the same can be said of most lobbyists, PR specialists, telemarketers, and corporate lawyers. Also, like literal goons, they have a largely negative impact on society. I think almost anyone would concur that, were all telemarketers to disappear, the world would be a better place.”
― David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

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