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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

BVI announces travel ban on South Africa, Brazil

BVI announces travel ban on South Africa, Brazil

Health Minister Carvin Malone today announced that a travel ban has been imposed against travellers from Brazil and South Africa due to new strains of COVID-19 in these countries.
Because of new COVID-19 strains, the BVI implemented a travel ban against the Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom on January 11. 2021.

“In a most recent Cabinet meeting, in light of new strains of COVID-19 being prevalent in South Africa and Brazil, a decision was taken that in addition to the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic, to implement a travel ban on persons travelling from South Africa and Brazil to the Virgin Islands,” Minister Malone explained.

He further said the ban on these countries was put in place to protect the public from COVID-19 and doesn’t apply to BVI nationals, Belongers, residents, work permit holders, diplomats and government workers travelling from these countries.

Minister Malone reiterated that these persons would be subjected to a 14-day quarantine period once they’ve travelled from the affected countries.

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