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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

BVI Cautions About Travel To China, Other Countries

BVI Cautions About Travel To China, Other Countries

The Ministry of Health and Social Development is strongly advising “non-essential” travel to China and to other countries affected by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019 n-CoV).

Globally there are 17,391confirmed cases of the virus with 2,838 new infections within the past 24 hours, according to figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO) released February 3.

In China, the epicenter of the outbreak, there are 17,238 confirmed cases with a total of 2,831 new cases. Of that amount, 2,296 are considered severe new infections. Also in China, WHO figures show 361deaths.

Outside of China, there are 153 confirmed infections in 23 countries and 1 recorded death, according to WHO.

Countries Outside China With Confirmed Infections

The list of countries with with confirmed cases are Japan, Republic of Korea, VietNam, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, United States of America, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates

BVI health officials have published a list of actions that should be taken in the event that persons travel to Wuhan China or affected countries.

The steps include maintaining good hand, respiratory and personal hygiene; avoid visiting animal and bird markets; and avoid persons who are ill with respiratory symptoms.

Further, persons entering the BVI from an infected country are urged to seek medical attention if they develop respiratory symptoms within 14 days of visiting Wuhan, China or on their return to the BVI.

"Travelers are also reminded to phone ahead before seeking medical attention and mention any recent travel to affected countries," health officials stated.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development continues to work with the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and Public Health England in order to determine the best local response.

The Government has stepped up plans in response to the global outbreak by activating the Quarantine Authority.


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