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Saturday, Nov 28, 2020

BVI confirms third imported coronavirus case | Patient has 'mild symptoms'

BVI confirms third imported coronavirus case | Patient has 'mild symptoms'

The British Virgin has confirmed its third imported case of the Coronavirus Disease. Making the announcement on Monday, March 30, Minister of Health Carvin Malone said the patient is a 26-year-old male who recently returned to the BVI from an unspecified country.
“He is currently in quarantine and had only mild symptoms. His contacts are also quarantined and are also asymptomatic, which means they have no symptoms,” Malone stated.

The minister also said 143 persons of interest are now self-quarantined at home locally. This number is up from the 117 reported days ago.

In the meantime, Malone said this latest confirmed case was tested among 25 others; including the nine suspected cases government had announced last week.

Their blood samples had been sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency in Trinidad for testing.

“Testing, containment strategies, and follow-ups continue to be carried out in accordance with WHO (World Health Organisation) guidance, taking into consideration the local context,” Malone said.

The BVI, in the meantime, will remain under lockdown until 6 am on Thursday, April 2. During this government-imposed lockdown, residents are mandated to stay indoors if they are not on the government’s list of essential service workers.

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