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Monday, Sep 21, 2020

BVI disaster-prone so follow building code and insure properties

BVI disaster-prone so follow building code and insure properties

Following the recent series of earthquakes that have caused death, injury and major property damage in the neighbouring Puerto Rico, Premier Andrew is encouraging local developers to employ responsible building practices.

In a public address late Tuesday afternoon, Premier Fahie said: “As you carry out your private development, I would encourage you to listen to and follow the advice of Town & Country Planning, and to reach out to the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) for information about hazard risk on your property.”

The Premier also advised residents to insure their respective properties.

Tsunamis also a concern

He said it was important for property owners to do so because the territory is not only susceptible to hurricanes and earthquakes.

“I know that some of you may be concerned that with all this seismic activity, we as a territory should be thinking about the potential for a tsunami. Despite the frequency and strength of this series of events, thankfully DDM has advised that there have been no tsunami watches or warnings issued. But, rest assured, we are on high alert,” Fahie aid.

“Still, I reassure you that your government takes disaster preparedness and management very seriously. We understand the need for a concerted effort to integrate disaster management principles in our future development plans and to do whatever is necessary now to ensure that our residents and visitors are prepared, ready and safe,” Fahie added.

Here is Premier Fahie’s full statement.

Review disaster plans now!

Following the aforesaid Puerto Rico earthquakes, Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr also has made what he described as an “urgent appeal” to government department and agency heads to review their disaster management plans immediately.

“Begin testing your earthquake procedures with your staff using the drop, cover and hold on technique,” Archer said. “I know that with practice, any nervousness or fear that our public officers may feel at the thought of a seismic event can be replaced with calm and confidence.”


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