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Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020

BVI Discusses Cooperation With Caribbean Partners In UK

BVI Discusses Cooperation With Caribbean Partners In UK

A BVI delegation met recently with senior Caribbean High Commissioners in the United Kingdom (UK) with whom they discussed the importance of cooperation among Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS) on a range of current issues.
Special Envoy Benito Wheatley, Acting BVI UK/EU Representative Tracy Bradshaw and Senior Political Officer Siobhan Flax met Barbados High Commissioner, Milton Inniss on November 7th with whom they discussed the shared challenges of Barbados and the Territory as SIDS in relation to climate change, sustainable development, development cooperation and financial services.

Commenting on the meeting, Mr. Wheatley said,‘It was a pleasure to speak with High Commissioner Inniss and to hear his thoughts on a range of key issues affecting SIDS in the Caribbean.

"We share the view that Barbados, the BVI and other Caribbean SIDS can make greater progress on tackling our common challenges by working together in various forums, including CARICOM. I thanked High Commissioner Innis for Barbados’ support to the BVI after Hurricanes Irma and Maria two years ago, which was vital,” Wheatley stated.

The BVI delegation also met Saint Kitts & Nevis High Commissioner, Dr. Kevin Isaac.

Among other things, they discussed the challenges faced by middle and high-income countries like the BVI and Saint Kitts & Nevis in receiving Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), even after being struck by a hurricane. The BVI delegation also shared the progress made thus far in the BVI’s recovery.

“High Commissioner Isaac has been a true friend of the BVI and the Caribbean. His diplomatic advocacy under the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) umbrella on behalf of the islands affected by the hurricanes of September 2017 that swept through the Caribbean region was critical. He intimately understands the challenge both BVI, St. Kitts & Nevis and other SIDS face with respect to the ODA rules that govern assistance to countries in need and that we all must continue to work together as small societies on pushing for further reform, as well as action on climate change and a level playing field in the changing global regulatory landscape,” Wheatley said.

Speaking on future cooperation, Acting BVI UK/EU Representative Tracy Bradshaw said, “the BVI London Office will remain engaged with the Barbados and Saint Kitts & Nevis High Commissions and those of other CARICOM Member States in the UK on issues of common interest and concern.”

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