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Friday, Sep 30, 2022

BVI Film Commission to implement registry for local film productions

BVI Film Commission to implement registry for local film productions

Effective Tuesday, August 22, 2022, all locally registered film production businesses are encouraged to register their productions with the BVI Film Commission. These productions include but are not limited to Music Videos, Commercials, Still Photography, Television shows, Documentaries, etc.

BVI Film Commissioner, Natalie O. Hodge, said, “The BVI Film Commission is here to provide support as a local resource for advice and recommendations to our media professionals regarding other industry professionals, locations and other support services when executing local productions.”

“We also aim to ensure that local productions, as well as incoming productions, have equal opportunities to use our locations during their productions. Therefore, registering allows us to properly schedule use of our various locations, without having multiple productions filming in the same location simultaneously,” Miss Hodge added.

Productions can be registered via the link: Local Database Registry. Additionally, incoming productions to the VI can access our film permit application guide via the link provided here: BVI Film Permit Application Guide.

Film Production organisations should note that the Film Commission office will always try not to intrude unnecessarily or to interrupt the production, however, the BVI Film Commission and/or its representative has the authority to visit any production that has been issued a BVI Film Permit, with reasonable notice, to ensure the production is abiding by filming rules/regulations and laws of the territory.

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