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BVI Food Fair offering a piece of local culture

The Virgin Islands Food Fair is in full swing with an array of local dishes and crafts on sale to highlight the Virgin Islands’ culture.
The event, currently being held at the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park, is said to be inspired by celebrations during slavery when Virgin Islands’ foreparents came together with the little they had.

There were several booths in the park with something local for the patrons to enjoy. While patrons immersed themselves in the culture, steel pan music was played in the background for live entertainment.

The event began at 10 am and patrons have been passing through to purchase a piece of BVI culture.

Trisha Evans, a member of the Food Fairs Committee – a sub-committee of the Virgin Islands and Fairs Committee told BVI News the Food Fair represents who Virgin Islanders are as a people.

“It is a melting pot. We welcome all other cultures but today we are displaying our local foods and our creativity. Our local candies like our fudge and also our local crafts. We have tarts, locally baked bread like cassava bread. We also have a demonstration to make it. The ingredients are all part of it. This is what we did for celebration during slavery. We bring forth what little we had and make the most of it,” Evans said.

She said the Virgin Islands culture will shine forth through the food that is on sale, such as the unique preparation of local lobster.

“All the foods, they are local. These vendors corn their own pork and stuff like that. So, you will see it in the food and the crafts that we have,” Evans noted.

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