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Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

BVI football association signs partnership with international soccer science and performance federation to provide online training for bvi soccer professionals

BVI football association signs partnership with international soccer science and performance federation to provide online training for bvi soccer professionals

Taking further strides in the ongoing development of its Coaches the BVI FA has signed a partnership agreement with the International Soccer Science and Performance Federation (ISSPF) to provide cutting edge online training resources delivered by leading Soccer Professionals.
The online courses are for all abilities and knowledge levels and include topics such as Nutrition, Psychology and Mental Skills, Youth Soccer Player Development, Training Methodology, Fitness Training, Tactical Analysis, Talent Identification and the Principles of Coaching.

FA President, Mr. Andy Bickerton saw the partnership as an exciting and necessary move noting that “This is another step forward for the BVIFA as we create further learning opportunities for our coaches. We have seen significant improvement in the level of coaching particularly over the last year which has translated into an improved level of playing performance in our youth teams.

We now have a significant number of talented youngsters transitioning from our youth program into both national league teams and the national team. They have been well coached and are improving the overall standard of play in the territory.”

The Educational possibilities provided through the courses are open to almost anyone involved in the game as a Coach, Manager, Physio, Trainer or Talent Scout and ideal to provide insights in best practice to design and implement plans and sessions with individual players and teams.

As a leading online Soccer education organization, ISSPF is not only seen as the trusted partner of elite, semi-professional, amateur and youth soccer clubs, international & continental federations, but also as key educational partners of schools, colleges, universities and training institutes worldwide.

In an invited statement ISSPF confirmed the Partnership “We are delighted to become the official online educational provider and partner for the British Virgin Islands Football Association. Provision of bespoke soccer related courses, across coaching & performance development is something we are proud to work together with for the progression of all individuals interested in improving their skill set. Our BVIFA accredited courses cover a range of coaching interests from grassroots, through to the elite professional coaching level.”

FA Technical Director, Mr. Dan Neville, who has been instrumental, not only in this initiative, but also in creating pathways for Coaches and Players to fully realize their potential concluded that “Coach education and developing our suite of online coaching qualifications is at the forefront of our strategic plan and this partnership aligns both elements. We will be using the ISPFF platform to upskill our local coaches and will also be able to offer the courses to Coaches across the Region.

The program has already gone “live” on the internet and access for Coaches will be via links posted on the Associations social media.

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